We want to accomplish four objectives in our classes:

  1. We want our kids to love their gymnastics and tumbling experience. Childhood should be fun, and we will create a positive, high-energy atmosphere that allows our kids to delight in their experience, fulfilling their natural desire to fly, to flip, to tumble, and to marvel at the development of their capabilities.
  1. We want to provide the highest quality gymnastics and tumbling instruction. We will develop fundamental strength, flexibility, and technical skills that will provide an excellent foundation for competitive gymnastics and cheerleading through collegiate levels. We love these sports, and we want to give our gymnasts a strong start that will allow them to compete at a high level if they so choose.
  1. We expect that our kids will want to explore many other activities, so we also want to give them a strong physical and mental foundation for other athletic endeavors and a lifetime of general fitness.  Some competitive programs discourage advanced gymnasts from playing other sports or trying out other gyms.  Our kids are welcome and encouraged to explore other gyms and activities.
  1. Perhaps most importantly, we believe that the character and the learning strategies that we will foster through gymnastics training can be applied to many endeavors, be they athletic, educational, or professional. Every day in class we will seek to accomplish objectives in the form of exciting and daunting gymnastics and tumbling skills. Every day we will break those skills down into safe, manageable, and understandable elements. We will perfect those elements through focused repetition, incorporating constructive criticism into each repetition. When the elements are each serviceable, we will begin attempting the complete skill, building to a climactic moment when the gymnast can complete the skill independently. But then we learn that the process has only just begun! We must then work to perfect the skill so that it may be used as a building block for harder skills and full gymnastics or cheer routines. The development of a firm, perhaps subconscious, belief in this learning process may be our greatest contribution to many of our gymnasts.