Gymnastics 201 is by invitation for the boys and girls who are ready to move to more advanced gymnastics.  The Boys 201 class meets once per week, and the girls in the Girls 201 classes may come twice per week. Each class meets for 55 minutes. The monthly rate for once per week is $70 and for twice per week is $120.

Gym 201 will focus on developing the technical skills and physical strength necessary to begin competitive gymnastics. It is our goal to expand shortly so that we can accommodate the type of training that our competitive boys and girls will need to progress to junior elite and collegiate level competition.

Girls Gymnastics 201 Skills Chart

Female 201 gymnasts will work toward mastery of the following skills:
FloorUneven BarsBalance BeamVaultStrengthFlexibility
Handstand - 5 SecondsHanging L - 10 Seconds HorizontalCross HandstandHandspring - Block on TT40 Second ArchBridge - Straight Arm and Leg
Kickover from Floor Squat On from CastSide Handstand40 Second Hollow BodyStraddle - Flat Pancake
Back WalkoverPullover from FloorCartwheel40 Second HandstandPike - Palms Touch
Front Handspring5 Chin-upsSplit Jump 90°1 Split
Back Hip Circle

Boys Gymnastics 201 Skills Chart

Male 201 gymnasts will work toward mastery of the following skills:
FloorPommel HorseStill RingsVaultParallel BarsHigh Bar
Dive RollHalf Circle2 Chin-upsStraight Jump - Double Board5 Underswings5 Tap Swings
Round OffFull Circle5 Swings to Skin the catHandstand Flatback on Resi-pit5 Support Swings1/2 Turn
Back HandspringStraddle SwingSupport Hold - 5 SecondsFront Tuck on Tumble TrackDismountPullover from Floor
Leg CutsSupport L - 10 Seconds HorizontalBack Hip Circle