When can I register my gymnast?

So long as there is space in the classes, we will accept new students at any time throughout the session.

How do I register?

Just email us at info@austingymnasticsclub.com, or drop by the gym during class hours and we will work with you to find an available and appropriate class for your gymnasts or tumblers.  Registration involves simply finding the right class and filling out our registration form.

Are there administrative or registration fees?


How do I pay?

We accept cash, checks, or credit cards.  We can swipe your card at the gym or you can pay online on our Payments page through Paypal.  Tuition is due each month at the first class of the month.

Do you offer scholarships?

We do not have formal scholarships, but come talk to us if you need help for a period of time.  A number of our students pay just what they can and when they can until their families’ situations stabilize.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes!  Talk to us if you have a more exotic combination, but two preschoolers would be $80 instead of $100, a preschooler and older sibling would be $100 instead of $120, and two older siblings would be $120 instead of $150.

What should we wear?

We prefer that gymnasts and tumblers wear gymnastics leotards with gym shorts (bike shorts), or regular athletic shorts above the knee with t-shirts or tank tops tight enough that they do not fall past the stomach when in a handstand.  Gymnasts should go barefoot, and tumblers may use cheer shoes, tennis shoes, or bare feet.  Hair should be worn so that it will not obstruct the vision, and mind the clips that like to fly out and get underfoot!  Jewelry should await its owner outside the gymnastics area.

We can certainly make exceptions and will work with medical or religious issues.  The key considerations are keeping the body free to move unobstructed, and maintaining the coach’s ability to quickly spot or catch the kids without getting tangled up in clothing!

What if I’m interested, but I want to see how my child responds before committing to a semester of gymnastics?

Email us at info@austingymnasticsclub.com, we will be happy to schedule your gymnast for two complimentary trial classes.  As long as we have room, new gymnasts are welcome!