Austin Gymnastics Club provides the highest quality instruction for young gymnasts.  The quality of our youth gymnastics instruction is our primary strength and the most important component of the value we offer to our families.  In most gyms, inexperienced instructors teach the beginners classes, while the experienced instructors are reserved for the competitive teams.  We believe that Austin Gymnastics Club can do better.  We want to be a small and excellent gym, able to focus our attention and expertise to create rich opportunities and experiences for our kids from the first day they walk in the door.

The value to our gymnasts begins with a fun experience in a unique sport, but at a deeper level, we seek to build both athleticism and character.  Great gymnastics instruction builds an athletic core that translates quickly into any number of sports, as well as a lifetime of physical fitness.  Great instruction also instills a capability for patient and focused effort, attention to detail, perseverance, the channeling of healthy competitive instincts, and the joy of accomplishment through significant physical and mental obstacles.

We think that most parents intuitively appreciate that these values can be learned in a very tangible way through gymnastics.  Even if they are largely unfamiliar with the sport, this intuitive appeal helps bring parents in the door the first time. What will keep families at Austin Gymnastics Club, however, will be the quality of coaching. Our kids will always work with an elite level coach that is prepared, focused, and excited about the gymnasts’ long-term health and development.

We hope that we can expand shortly to accommodate the space and equipment that will allow our kids to continue training with us into their own competitive gymnastics and cheerleading careers.  But from day one we will be building a foundation that they can rely upon in pursuing any endeavor in their lives.